Rattlesnake Grand Traverse – 04-29-2012

This is the third time I’ve done the Rattlesnake Traverse within the last year. It’s a conditioner hike. Today we were in a fog most of the trip. The snow on top has consolidated considerably. I brought snowshoes and foot traction – but neither was needed. Our party of 7 (Jennifer Lekisch, Siv Hjorth, Paul Metzner, Julie Trautmann, William Walker, Carol Jacobson and I) moved at a good clip over the traverse. I guess it was a case of “nothing to see, keep going”. The trail signage is visible again – this hike is good to go this spring.

I forgot my camera in my vehicle staged at the Snoqualmie Point Parking Lot. Sorry, no photographs of this trip.

I’m nicknaming this hike the “hike of gruesome conversation.” Peter Keller, a survivalist who killed his family, holed up in an underground structure – “the Bunker” – near Snoqualmie Point where he apparently committed suicide while surrounded by a swat team the previous day.

Hiking Stats:

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