Middle Fork Snoqualmie – 04-22-2012

I led a Mountaineers trip up the Middle Fork Snoqualmie trail to the Dingford Creek bridge. Significant washout and creek crossing at 2.6 miles from the trailhead. Party members include Nicole Hansen (leader), Susan Russo, Sherilyn Ulland (new), Marci Dray (new), Mark George, John Kooch, Maureen Corlas, Fran Holme, and Lisa Grayson. Great views of Garfield Mountain, Mount Price, and Quartz Mountain from the trail. An absolutely gorgeous hike that surpassed the previous day and made it well worth coming back for Earth Day. Some sections of this trail inside the forest are covered with such a biological diversity of ferns and mosses that the emerald green of the forest floor takes my breath away.

Much thanks to the drivers, Nicole, Lisa, and Marci for getting us up to the Middle Fork Snoqualmie trailhead over 11 miles of grueling potholes. After two days in a row driving up the Middle Fork, I have fallen in love with the area again and am willing to tolerate the road to get there. GPS stats below are a little inaccurate – I think 11.5 miles round trip is accurate.

Middle Fork Snoqualmie – 04-22-2012 (Fullscreen Slideshow)

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