Fourth of July Creek to Icicle Ridge – 06-24-2012

In all the Icicle country the Fourth of July trail is the best day hike to high views of Mt. Stuart, Mt. Cashmere, the meadowy-craggy length of Icicle Ridge, and bulky rampart of the Chiwaukum Mountains. If the 4600 feet all the way to the old lookout site exceed the available muscle power, panoramas are proportionately rewarding three-quarters or even halfway up, and this much of the trail, on a southerly exposure as it is, can be done before June, when the floral display of this rainshadow side of the Cascades is in its best weeks of the year.

Fourth of July Creek to Icicle Ridge – 06-24-2012 (Fullscreen Slideshow)

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Fourth of July Creek to Icicle Ridge – 06-24-2012 Google Map Gallery

Participants include Julie Trautmann (leader), Nicole Hansen (co-leader), Sheila Reynolds, Timothy Newman, Andy Zavada, Siv Hjorth, Ed Strachan, Eric Feiveson, Dick Lambe, Amy Ransom, and Ken Josephson. Icicle Ridge is peak number 36 on the Wenatchee Mountains “Back Court” Top 100.

Reference: Green Trails Chiwaukum Mtns, No. 177. “Day Hiking Central Cascades” by Craig Romano: Fourth of July Creek to Icicle Ridge – Washington Trails Association

Driving Directions
Drive US 2 to Leavenworth. On the west outskirts of town turn south on the Icicle Creek road. At 8.5 miles pass Eightmile Creek junction and at 9.4 miles find a small paved parking area and Fourth of July trail No. 1579, elevation 2400 ft.
Trailhead GPS coordinates (47.5783,-120.7969)
NW Forest Pass required.

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