Grace Lakes – 01-20-2013

Mountaineers Basic Snowshoeing field-trip to Grace Lakes, near Stevens Pass. I volunteered to help out as an instructor.

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The lower Puget Sound basin sat under a cold fog trapped by a stagnant inversion layer for the previous week. Up in the mountains, however, one can escape this dismal weather and enjoy beautiful views. A perfectly beautiful, sunny, and clear day to enjoy a little ‘shoeing at Stevens Pass. We had a great group of participants, which made the day even more enjoyable.

Participants include SuJ’n Chon (field-trip leader), David J. Singleton (instructor), Nicole Hansen (instructor), Jo Brown, Karen, Beverly, Susan and Justin.

Reference: Green Trails: Stevens Pass No. 176. Grace Lakes.

Driving Directions
To get there, from Seattle take I-5 North to US-2 East. Travel US-2 to Stevens Pass ski area.
Trailhead GPS coordinates (47.7443,-121.0965)

Hiking Stats:
3.40 miles, 1135 ft. gain, 7 hrs 04 min.

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