Hurricane Hill – 03-31-2013

Mountaineers snowshoe trip on Easter Sunday to Hurricane Hill.

Participants include Nicole Hansen (leader), Steve Podleski, John Konopasek, Jo Brown, Linda Kuramoto, Kendall Hamilton, Jane Warren, David Coate, Bobbie Laue, Stan Terada and David Wilson.

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Reference: Green Trails Mount Olympus No. 134, Mount Angeles No. 135. Snowshoe Routes Washington, by Dan A. Nelson, No. 1 Hurricane Hill Snowshoe.

Hurricane Ridge is the preeminent destination for folks who want to see the beauty of Olympic National Park any time of the year. When winter rolls in and the broad, sweeping meadows of the ridge are blanketed in snow, and the high jagged peaks of Bailey Range are swaddled in white, the area is unbelievably beautiful. All the best–and some of the worst–aspects of snowshoeing are found here. Wide, wonderful panoramic views; alpine meadows of rolling snowdrifts; frosted evergreens and dark, brooding forests; and occasionally, frigid, scouring winds that blind all visitors with white-out conditions.

Hurricane Ridge, and the snowshoe hike to Hurricane Hill, offers the best views in the park of majestic Mount Olympus. The peak so captivated early explorers with its beauty that the mountain was deemed worthy of being home to the gods.

Driving Directions
To get there, from Port Angeles drive 17 miles up Hurricane Ridge Road to the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center. Park near the lodge, and sign in with the rangers at the center.
Trailhead GPS coordinates (47.969813,-123.494596)
National Park permit required.

Hiking Stats:
5.58 miles, 1248 ft. gain, 4 hrs 52 min.

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