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Cougar Mtn Wilderness – 02-21-2015

Mountaineers hike up Cougar Mountain. This loop starts at the Wilderness Creek TH and visits Long View Peak, Doughty Falls, Far Country Viewpoint, Shy Bear Marsh, Wilderness Peak and Wilderness Cliffs.

Participants include Nicole Hansen (leader), Rita Campbell, Rob Erickson, Jodie Framke, Nancy Jordan, Mizuho Naka, and Elena O’Neill.

Cougar Mtn Wilderness – 02-21-2015 (Fullscreen Slideshow)


  • Green Trails Cougar Mountain No. 203S
  • Day Hiking: Snoqualmie Region, by Dan A. Nelson and Alan L. Bauer, No. 5 Wilderness Peak

If your definition of wilderness includes remote wildlands untouched by the hands of man, this is a misnamed peak. But if you can accept that wilderness includes lands returned to a state of wildness, you’ll love this simple little Cougar Mountain hike in a natural wonderland that’s just minutes from an urban jungle. Though the trail is usually hikeable year-round (snowfall is scarce at this elevation), the route is best enjoyed in the fall through spring because mosquitoes buzz here in great numbers during the summer.

Driving Directions
From I-90 take exit 15 onto Newcastle Way (State Route 900). Drive south about 2.5 miles to the Wilderness Creek trailhead. Trailhead GPS coordinates (47.5093,-122.0904)

Hiking Stats:
7.99 miles, 2085 ft. gain, 4 hrs 45 min.

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